Galera & Vega

Consultoría Empresarial S.L.

Birth of Galera & Vega

The decision to create G&V, rather than an action, has been a consequence. The people who started this project have almost 20 years of experience as in the field of accounting, taxation, labour management and business consulting in different offices and for many customers.

Whether we have dealt with large corporations or with small businesses or freelancers, there have always been three pillars which have supported all our work:


Constant work


We believe that it is always possible to improve.

Why are we Galera & Vega


The denomination of Galera & Vega emerges as a dream symbol to represent our idea in the creation and development of business or professional projects. We dream of starting the great project which will lead us to success. The galley will be our means of achieving it. It represents our projects, wishes and desires in a professional life. It is a boat which needs a human group for its impulse. Even the self-employed need some support to undertake. All entrepreneurs set sail for the adventure of starting a business. They try to follow that route which leads them to a good port, which provides them with the resources and experience they will need to continue navigating.


In ancient times the star Vega was the celestial element which pointed north, being aligned with the axis of terrestrial rotation. This will happen again in about 12,000 years. Vega is the star which we will choose to be our guide on our trips. In our dream it will guide us to reach our destination.

The idea of creating a logo which represented a medium and a trajectory attracted us from the beginning. There is no doubt that creating a company or developing a professional activity is an adventure. We will find successes and failures, sweet and bitter moments, but it is up to us to continue, to be able to compete, innovate, differentiate, stand out and assert ourselves.


We want to be with you to try to show you the path which our particular star Vega can offer you.


Join Us!