The plus of Galera & Vega

Innovation in the business accounting sector

Applying the new Technologies

In a world guided by the speed of information, Galera and Vega is committed to the incorporation of new technologies in the field of business accounting. We work with the best programs which distribute information between us and our clients in real time.

Digitisation and Optimisation

We are witnessing the development of a technology of communication and transactions which we have not always been able to apply, due to rigidities in a work system which we consider obsolete. Now we can implement all the advantages of the digital age in our own project to offer it to our customers.

From the creation of personalised spaces in the cloud for the accumulation of financial and fiscal information to the optimisation of administrative management through digitalisation, even using mobile devices, we offer our experience to collaborate in the modernisation of processes and lower costs. We love technology and even more its practical professional applications.

Efficiency in your business

For more than fifteen years we have performed business, accounting, and taxation consulting. A common denominator in SMEs and self-employed people which we have advised is the lack of efficiency in their internal administrative management: search of documents or emails, under the use of telematic procedures, lack of communication in the work teams... All this results in a slow decision-making process.

We know that in your business time is the only element which conditions all the phases through which your product or service passes. We will help you see your business from another perspective.

Ask yourself these things:
Do I spend too much time on routine tasks?
Has my activity been stagnant for some time and I have not developed new business routes?
How much time do I spend on what I really consider important in my activity?

We are clear that our businesses must be managed in such a way that it is possible to generate wealth and be able to invest part of it in developing our activity. SMEs and freelancers capable of managing their internal resources and evolving are more competitive and their businesses tend to endure over time. However, it is easy to get stuck. For this reason we always recommend internal renewal to be able to compete in your sector.

How do we do it?

Non-conformity. This word summarises our attitude. For us and for our clients we always seek to improve, develop and obtain results.

If you manage an SME or are self-employed, tell us about your business. Our work is not limited to maintaining the legal obligations of our clients regarding accounting and taxation. We have taken a leap and evolved to get to accompany our clients in their evolution. The accounting and tax needs of your business will always be covered and your doubts also:

You can consult us by Whatsapp or Telegram for any doubt related to your business. We are committed to answering you in less than one hour during business hours.

Forget the paper. We will perform the necessary digitisation tasks and will have a secure space in the cloud to be able to consult it at any time. We can manage all the information you need so that you can devote yourself to developing your activity.

Did you know that there are applications which can manage your email automatically?

Do you know the virtual servers? Working directly in the cloud is being implemented more and more due to its low costs, its reliability and adaptability to the needs.

If your business does not have an internet presence, it does not exist. A good community manager can create a recognisable brand in the market and manage their image on social networks. In short, the internet revolution must reach your business too.