An idea can become a big business or a burden on your bank account. If you have ideas, we can help you analyse them.

The viability study and market implementation can help you see your business in a global and objective way, avoiding biases which would give a distorted picture of reality. Starting a project can be exciting. However, it is not always convenient to develop certain businesses due to the economic moment of the sector, conjuncture or distorted vision of the factors on which the obtaining of profitability will depend.

If everything is favourable we will guide you step by step from the first moment: from the development of the business model, generation of documentation and contracts, establishment of your company or activity registration, creation of a commercial brand, management of advertising campaigns in the media and administrative management.


Business modernisation

A fairly common case is that business which is already implemented with a limited profit margin. The vast majority of SMEs are oriented to cover the salaries of staff and management with a small margin for the investor, since this usually coincides with the management itself.

Our vision for business is to generate enough profit to cover the investor’s risk. What does this mean? Well, possibly many businesses are in a phase of their life in which:

– The activity generates a minimum profitability which we can call survival, in which it is unknown how to develop additional added value.

– There is a stagnation of sales.

– There is a lack of motivation to develop the existing line of business or even open new ones.

– The activity has a poor presence on the internet or little power.

In these cases the motivation to develop a new phase in the life of the business prevails. The management must want to improve, and not always directing the efforts to the product or service but to the value which the market gives them. The way to sell is as important as the product or service which is sold.


Search for New Markets

The comfort zone in an activity may be the most dangerous when it comes to viewing the future of the business. If you have a comfortable position, it’s time to expand. If, on the other hand, the results you obtain are not the expected ones but enough to keep up, it is time to relaunch your activity.

In both cases it is time to explore new routes, new markets and reach new agreements. A comfortable position provides tranquility, but it is rare that this circumstance is maintained over time if the activity is not endowed with new objectives which diversify the risk and allow an investment taking advantage of the already-available experience. Think that your activity can develop in other areas of the national or international territory.


Management of stagnation in an activity

If the options to relaunch their activity are not viable, it may be that the most convenient activity is to complete the activity. Given this perspective, your must fulfil certain obligations before concluding your activity. You must pay special attention to the workers and the major suppliers. The situations of ERE or declaration of contest must be studied since they can be rejected by the authorities. If this is the case, we can carry out the previous study to evaluate the viability of these options.