Nowadays the development of new technologies does not stop growing: more powerful computers, smartphones, applications and apps for almost anything that we can think of. It is a world which evolves vertiginously. However, many businesses continue to operate with outdated equipment, developing their tasks in the same way as fifteen years ago, when the activity began. Certain entrepreneurs are reluctant to adopt new methodologies due to lack of time for their learning both for themselves and for their staff. Each case is different but it is undeniable that technology and new processes save time, that which is not available to learn. It is a paradox which is sometimes difficult to pose.

In many of the cases which we have been able to study, the adoption of small changes which can be gradually absorbed can be a success when optimising an activity.


Consider an issue: how much does my time and my employees' time cost?

Having an overview of how you work is a first step to detect inefficiencies and can serve as a guide for the implementation of technology which helps you reduce costs.

A generic example for all activity is to have a general view of the treatment of the information from the point of view of the flow:

1.- Treatment of information incoming to the activity.

2.- Internal information processing.

3.- Treatment of the information outgoing from the activity.

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