What Galera & Vega brings to your business

Our beginnings arise from accounting management and tax advice. However, we have always maintained a close relationship with the customer and we have witnessed the evolution of business needs and the evolution of new technologies. This is the reason why we work in a collaborative network environment with specialists in digital marketing, image management, legal advice or business software development. We work together with them to provide our clients with a wide range of services which adapt to each phase of their business life.

Service Areas

Galera and Vega, over these years, has developed extensive experience in the following areas

Accounting Management

We comply with your accounting obligations, being able to have a monthly report of your activity…

Tax Advice

We take care to keep up with your tax obligations and respond to your notifications from the Tax Agency. You can trust on Galera & Vega.

Labour management

We carry out, among other things: Preparation of contracts, issuance of payroll, registrations and deletions in social security.

Project development

Tell us your idea. We will be at your side from the first moment. Constitution, creation of image, development of products or services…

Optimisation of internal processes

At Galera and Vega we can carry out actions with the objective of maximising your business. Automation of tasks and time management…

Technological Optimisation

How do we apply new technologies to our business? Discover the potential of new technologies applied to your business…

A totally personalised service

We distinguish ourselves by being in contact with our customers. Directing a business project or a professional activity can generate doubts or problems which we can help solve. We offer timely information which is of your interest, without overloading your e-mail, information for your specific and concise activity.


we will communicate legal changes which may affect your activity sector.


we will inform you about the changes in legal and fiscal procedures which may affect your business.

Connected with our clients

If you have a doubt at a specific moment write to us by WhatsApp or Telegram. We will respond in one hour during business hours.


We are passionate about the business world and new technologies. Being part of the development of our customers is our pride. Ask us about your project. Let us accompany you. We will be with you at the time you need us...

Coworking. New model of professional office.

Our workspace is another element that defines us. The choice of coworking has provided not only a conciliation between personal and professional life, but also that we develop and collaborate with other professionals, work groups are created for new projects, the collaborative mentality is encouraged, talks and courses are held and they exchange points of view that enrich the vision of our environment.