The tax burden in any business is something to be taken into account when making decisions. Whether you decide to start a business or if you already have an activity and need to review your situation, we invite you to consult us. We can arrange a personal interview or video conference by FaceTime, Skype or Whatsapp. If you have little time, maybe this is your best resource for holding meetings.
We can offer you a personalised service in the treatment of VAT-IGIC, Income Tax, Corporate Tax, ITP-AJD, Special Taxes or Local Taxes. Tell us your case.
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Requirements of Tax Management or Inspection

We attend notifications and will keep you informed about their evolution. As you know, the lack of attention of a notification from the Tax Agency can result in large penalties which in many cases can be avoided if they are answered diligently.

The delay in meeting the requirements of the Tax Agency is the first step in losing a review or inspection process. If you receive one of these notifications we can help you attend to it on time and with professionalism.

Management of your taxes and customer information in advance

Your activity entails the obligation to comply with periodic tax obligations in VAT (monthly, quarterly or through the Immediate Supply of Information), intra-community transactions or imports, income tax, fractioned payments of Corporate Tax or information models. All those tax obligations which imply a payment will be previously informed to the client with enough advance notice so that they give us their consent to the payment. If you wish we can generate periodic reports on the composition of the tax burden of your activity. This information can help you detect errors in your activity or plan future business.