Bookkeeping can be one of the most arduous jobs if the need for financial information is crucial for your business. For this reason, our policy is to carry out your monthly accounting whenever possible. In this way you can have your results between the 10th and 15th of each month. We will prepare a report adapted to your needs with the annotations which, in our point of view, should be taken into account.

How do we do the work?

Based on our experience, we have verified that a small percentage of accounting, around 10%, agglomerates those more technical entries which are made punctually and after consulting regulations and valuation. Most of the seats are repetitive, Expenses and Income mainly.

For this reason we choose to automate the transfer of data whenever possible, either with the use of ERP, developing applications which move data from its origin to the accounting application or simply taking advantage of certain automations which already incorporate most accounting management software from the market. The possibilities are wide and are becoming more accessible. In this same way, the carrying of your merchandise or fixed assets by electronic means will facilitate the transfer of information to the management software.

Maybe your business has worked with software which does not want to leave or maybe I wanted to know what the latest news in accounting management software can offer. There will always be a solution which meets your needs.


Provision of information

You only have to worry about sending us the information or deposit it in a «cloud» space which we will have available for you. If you allow us, we will download your bank movements in Excel, CSV or rule 43 to be reconciled.


Use of paper

We recommend doing without the use of paper, and making scans of all invoices or paper tickets for proper filing. This will avoid loss of documentation and reduce the time to search for documentation if necessary. For this, the use of a mobile device that takes a photograph of the document and can upload it to the cloud is sufficient.